Business Benefits

We accelerate your Retail Omnichannel and Phygital Transformation for your business.
Olabi is your Unified Commerce Cloud Software Platform.

Olabi Leverage Workplace Personas Higher Productivity

Measureable ROI

Adoption of Olabi features such as Endless Aisles, Omni Channel, Store fulfillment, Loyalty will postively impact your Revenues, Gross Margins and inventory ROI , assuring you that business profiltability is improved.

True Omni Channel

We provide you omni channel services based on the following principles

Circular Commerce enables consumer to begin – end on any channel.
One view of consumer engagement across channels.
One view of multi channel orders.
Realtime view of inventory across locations for multi channel operations.

One Platform – One View

Olabi’s comprehensive suite of products delivers Consumer Personalization , Omnichannel , Digital store experience, all on one platform.

Consumer Personalisation.
Click to Collect | Store Fulfilment.
Digital Store Experience | Loyalty.
Cloud POS | Retail Analytics.

Empowering Store Associates

A store associate, who is also a brand advocate, plays a critical role in building a direct relationship with the consumer and making sure that their store visit is unforgettable. Olabi ensures that store associates have all the relevant information at their fingertips.

Consumer preferences, shopping history available at moment of truth.
Product information and Stock availability information.
Upsell / Cross Sell Capability.
Store fullfilment process – Pick, Pack, Bill, Deliver.
Store Associate Performance KPI dashboards.

Delivering Retail Persona functionality

Without proper consideration of retail employee’s – roles based technology expectation, you risk making the mistake of implementing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution in a ‘made-to-order’ world. Olabi delivers differentiated performance KPI expectations of each retail Persona (department) to help unlock employee productivity.

Consumer Benefits

We are shifting the focus back onto the consumer and creating future – friendly solutions that ensure the consumer has a personalised, digital retail experience.

Why Olabi - Consumer Benefits

Consumer Personalisation

Enhance consumer shopping experience by Olabi’s personalisation engine, built on principles of consumer profiling , shopping history, product preferences and recommendations.

Seamless Offline – Online Shopping

Experience Anytime, Anywhere shopping with seamless connect between offline and online channels. Assured availability of your product using Endless Aisle and Omnichannel capability.

in Aisle Digital Shopping

Allow your consumer to experience app based digital engagement, including product information, recommendations based on their own shopping history and complete their shopping in the aisle itself.

Technology Benefits

Olabi is delivered to you on a Cloud and SaaS platform that is future ready, with a quick implementation. We assure you of a technology Return On Investment.

Why Olabi - Technology Benefits

Tech Adoption ROI

Consumerization of enterprise software. A superior User Interface and User Experience. Deployed on mobile devices providing Pinch, Swipe, Zoom usability encourages your retail teams to actively use the platform resulting in a superior ROI on your IT investments.

SaaS & Cloud

SaaS – Move from an Upfront fee in retail IT to an opex based consumption model. AWS hosted, we provide a fully managed Cloud service. Transparent long term pricing with unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Quick, effortless Go Live

Designed into the platform is the ability to on-board even the largest retailers in a short time window ensuring you save big on implementation costs as well as kick off productivity gains quickly.

Integrations Ready

Olabi ‘s API integration platform provides for seemless, hassle free integration with Payment gateways, Logistic partners, CRM , ERP systems etc..ensuring that your existing software investments are protected.

Pre-integrations are readily available with leading products resulting in plug and play on-boarding.

Single Vendor

Olabi’s comprehensive functional omni channel capability ensures that you donot spend your time and money managing 5-6 software vendors . Multi vendor systems are prone to failure resulting in poor consumer experience.