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Olabi - Services - Lower Cost

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Olabi - Services - AWS Managed Services

AWS Managed

Olabi - Services - Lower Cost

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Olabi - Services - Real Time Data Visibility

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Olabi - Services - Seemless Omni Channel Operations

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Olabi - Services - 12 x 7 User Helpdesk

12 x 7 User

Cloud Services

Minimal Infrastructure Costs

  • Eliminate infrastructure investments for on-premise servers, related networking.
  • Auto scaling hardware upgrades during peak seasons to meet computing resource requirements.
  • Smaller IT footprint without the need for additional IT and database administration headcount.

High Availability

  • Database instances configured for high availability without additional investments or database administrators.
  • Avoid costly system downtime from server failure or crash with 99.99 % committed uptime.
  • Effective database management including performance tuning, backups, de-fragmentation, etc.

Infrastructure management

  • Cloud clustering and high availability configurations for maximum throughput.
  • DR Site and Daily backups with rolling 7 days backup on file.
  • Data security ensuring system is protected at all times from cyber threats.

Software–as–a–Service (SaaS)

Complete Application Management

  • Regular, Free Functional version upgrades.
  • Application Performance optimization.
  • Deployment of patches, hot fixes and ensuring a stable environment.
  • Resolve issues as they arise on a priority basis.
  • Services extend to the test / training system.
  • User help desk availability all days of week.

All-inclusive Subscription Service

  • Modular, upgradeable Olabi License Subscriptions.
  • Long term contracts provide investment visibility.
  • Unlimited data storage, bandwidth usage included.
  • Pay as you use, move from Capex investments to Monthly Operating expense.
  • Suspend subscription fees for temporary store closure.

Infrastructure management

  • Subscriptions Include Server hardware, Server O/S & DB Licenses.
  • Support, delivery and management for your retail infrastructure and applications.
  • Monitoring system parameters such as memory, CPU and hard disc usage, slow performing queries, etc.
  • DR Site and Daily backups with rolling 7 days backup on file.
  • Ensuring the system is protected at all times to reduce the risk of cyber data threats.

Support & Help Desk

  • Access support through an email enabled help desk system.
  • Support available during retail working hours.
  • Support available all days of the week including public holidays.
  • Premium support services available for enterprise customers – dedicated helpdesk.


  • Integrate through native and certified connectors with a wide range of applications.
  • Olabi API’s kit available.
  • Pre-integrated with recognized ERP, Loyalty, CRM, BI systems.
  • Pre-Integrated with recognized Mobile wallets and Payment gateways.
  • Pre-integrated with leading Logistics service providers.

Information Security

  • Cloud environment hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Security hardening for data integrity, and protection against viruses, malware and phishing attacks.
  • Ensuring the system is protected at all times from cyber threats.
  • Monitoring to ensure data integrity.