The Me-Commerce Revolution is here.

Will your Brand make history? or become history?

Today, the millennial shopper seeks a seamless, delightful experience from the moment a need arises within her to the point of fulfillment. She sees herself at the centre, with the shopping world revolving around her, attending to her every demand.

This indeed is the world of Me-Commerce.

Olabi Me-Commerce

The Me-Commerce Imperative.

Me-Commerce demands a whole new level in performance on the part of the store. Shoppers expect the convenience and freedom of omni-channel shopping. So offine and online integration is a must.

Consumers seek new levels in personalization. This means store staff must have all the relevant product information and consumer insights.

Most importantly, the store must be ready to offer an in-store digital experience. Consumers must be able to live the brand when they visit the store.

Olabi Me-Commerce

The Technology Challenge

The arrival of Me-Commerce throws a huge technology challenge to the retailer. Legacy IT systems have placed several bottlenecks on his road to progress.

The lack of real-time information availability, multiple siloed systems prevents the store from providing a seamless shopping experience where product information, inventory availability and consumer insights must come together.

The lack of in-store digitization is a lost opportunity for the brands to connect with and engage the new-age consumers.

Olabi Me-Commerce

Olabi Makes Me-Commerce possible

Olabi is a new age retail information supply chain that is poised to usher in the Me-Commerce revolution.

By providing a digital refresh to the brick and mortar stores it enables the store to address the expectations of millennial shoppers.

Olabi is built to address the present and future business need of modern retail.

Lead the Me-Commerce retail revolution with Olabi!

Olabi Me-Commerce
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Olabi Manifesto

Me-Commerce Manifesto

We’re here for the millenial shopper. You.

We hate it when you find shopping tedious
We hate it when you are told ‘No’
We hate it when you are told ‘I don’t know’

We love it when you feel unique.
We love it when you can experience ‘Me, Me, Me’
We love to answer you with ‘Yes, Yes, Yes’

We are here to make shopping fun.
We are here to make ‘Me-Commerce’ possible.

Reinvent shopping.