Why Cloud and SaaS?

Olabi Why Cloud and SaaS

What is OLABI Managed Cloud Services?

Managed cloud services refers to having your retail IT Hardware infrastructure and retail applications hosted on the internet (in our case – at Amazon Web services (AWS)). This managed delivery model relieves you of IT management and ensures anytime, anywhere availability of retail IT services.

What is SaaS?

SaaS refers to Software As A Service – Olabi retail applications platform runs on the cloud. You subscribe to the software, typically paying monthly subscription fees. You only pay for the service for as long as you’re using it, the application software is updated regularly and you automatically get these updates free of cost. You can cancel your subscription services at anytime. Another big benefit you get is the avoidance of one time capital expenditure for application software.

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Benefits of OLABI’s Cloud & SaaS Offering

Reduce IT Investments

There’s no huge upfront investment in hardware, software licenses and surrounding infrastructure. Pay from your monthly budgets. Easy opt out.

Round the clock availability

Olabi is hosted on AWS managed services ensuring you 99.99% availability of retail applications from any where, 24×7, providing your team the tools to improve profitability.

Information Security

We take information and platform security seriously. All platform infrastructure, development processes, data security are operationally covered by world class information security standards and operating procedures. Regular periodic security audits ensure security process compliance.

Application version mgmt

You get, for free, access to all the latest version of Olabi upgrades and product enhancements, performance patches etc on a regular basis. No need to send copies of upgrade to multiple retail operations locations, as the update is available the next time your login.

Pay as you use

Olabi works on the principles of consumption economics. Pay only for the modules you subscribe to, easy no questions asked opt out policy. Should you have temporary non usage breaks (e.g. Store closed for Pandemic, renovation, etc), you donot pay for the period.


Olabi allows you to scale your operations without worrying about your hardware infrastructure sizing, we automatically provide the necessary infrastructure for scalability at no additional cost.

Easy Integrations

Olabi is pre-integrated with leading payment gateways, Logistics partner, ERP’s , Shopping Malls, GST etc allowing you to quickly connect your existing eco-system players onto Olabi. The list of available integrations continues to grow. Olabi is REST API compliant allowing for any custom integrations. As part of our subscription fees, we manage the day to day monitoring and performance of these integrations for you.

Infrastructure management

Olabi’s cloud infrastructure is fully managed and monitored 24×7 by a dedicated professional team for availability and cyber security. We ensure that software patches are done as required. Multi Zone fail-over and disaster recovery and backup services are built into your subscription price. You need not invest in in-house IT teams for the same.

Predictable, Recurring cost

Olabi Subscriptions prices are listed in your contract and remain the same as per contracted prices. Our payment terms include monthly , quarterly or annual as per your convenience. There are no hidden costs surprises during the contracting term.

Future proof technology

Olabi is a “native cloud” application built with the latest generation of internet technology tools, purpose built for use on the internet and mobile devices. This approach assures you that your investments are protected and you have the ability to plug into new emerging internet retail technologies.

Single vendor mgmt

Say goodbye to multi vendor systems and multiple system data-silos. Olabi’s extensive application suite and its managed 3rd party integration services ensures single vendor / platform delivery and your peace of mind.

Platform independence

Olabi runs on any browser, on any platform. So hardware platforms, operating systems and other factors that used to limit your choice of software in the past, aren’t an issue anymore. Olabi runs on Mac OS, Windows or Linux machines and works the same.