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Vishal Anand

VP & Business Head - Myntra

“Partnering with Olabi has played a crucial role for our omni-channel vision. Their new-age store tech platform has yielded substantial returns on investments for Myntra direct sellers, affirming their worth as a pivotal ally in our journey.”

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Background & Challenges:

Myntra Group has long held a leadership position in the Fashion & Lifestyle e-commerce industry. Around 2016-17, we created our omnichannel vision and roadmap, whereby our strategy was to help Myntra direct sellers by introducing and enabling with competent technology platform.

However, helping them select a retail technology solutions provider capable of managing new-age omnichannel functionalities was a challenge. Most available platforms were limited to basic Point of Sale functionalities, focusing solely on sales and inventory management without incorporating omnichannel processes. Concerns also arose regarding delays in obtaining business information, as many solutions were based on on-premise legacy systems.

Another challenge was finding a partner who could facilitate ambitious growth without compromising operational efficiency or the quality of customer experiences, all within a tight timeline. Considering possibility of expanding existing brands and acquiring new ones with established retail networks, the prospective technology solution is needed to handle multiple implementation projects and manage scaling simultaneously.

In essence, Myntra direct sellers sought a futuristic solution that could offer technology-enabled consumer shopping engagement possibilities.

Choosing Olabi:

Choosing a retail technology partner was a crucial decision for Myntra direct sellers. They needed a platform that could support the vision of an omnichannel consumer shopping experience. Keeping futuristic technological needs in mind, a cloud solution was their only consideration over traditional on-premise options.

Olabi stood out as the only solution designed with omnichannel principles at its core, offering 100% True Cloud deployment. Its architecture was integration-friendly, allowing necessary connections with other platforms and third-party applications.

The founders of Olabi, with their deep retail domain experience, along with their team which is highly skilled and experienced with a comprehensive understanding of enterprise-grade technology project management and implementation, brought significant value to the association.

Beyond its technical prowess, Olabi distinguished itself with its consumer-focused features, significantly enhancing the shopping experience for consumers.

After a thorough assessment based on all these key criteria, Olabi was the obvious choice as Retail Technology partner for Myntra direct sellers.

Implementation and Journey So Far:

Olabi’s experienced team worked closely with Myntra direct sellers to develop strategic implementation plans for all brands, addressing numerous integration needs and innovations. The POS implementation by Olabi was just the starting point, enabling them to activate many other value-added features to build a comprehensive shopping experience, something new-age retailers always aspired to demonstrate. Notable innovations include:

  • India’s first RFID-enabled Self-checkout store for the Roadster brand.
  • Industry-leading “Endless Aisles” and “Omnichannel” experiences, significantly boosting business growth and enhancing shopping experiences. Today, all Myntra direct sellers’ brand stores regularly fulfill omnichannel orders, contributing over 30% to store business.
  • In-store proximity marketing through beacons at Mango brand stores, enhancing customer engagement.

Olabi’s solution was engineered to support rapid scaling, crucial for ambitious expansion plans. Their product architecture, combined with their support team, enabled fast deployment across multiple new locations, setting a benchmark in-store rollout speed and efficiency. Beyond implementation, Olabi fulfilled its promise of delivering a return on investment through omnichannel and Endless Aisle functionalities. This was not merely a claim but a reality, as Myntra direct sellers experienced significant business growth post-implementation.

Over the past few years, Olabi was successfully implemented across all brands, including Mango, Nautica, Roadster, FCUK, Bebe, HRX, House of Pataudi, Taavi, and many more, along with multiple third-party integrations.

Training & Support:

Each implementation included comprehensive training programs. Most sessions were conducted online, and repeated as necessary to ensure optimal adoption among users.

Olabi’s Customer Success teams continuously guided all users on POS functionalities and other value-added features to realize the promised benefits. To further support this, Olabi established a dedicated support team to quickly identify and resolve any issues from user’s side, ensuring uninterrupted service and optimal resolution times.


Olabi delivered on its promise by successfully implementing its platform across multiple brands and ensuring benefits in three key areas:

  • Enhanced consumer shopping experience with value-added features and modules.
  • Measurable direct business benefits.
  • ROI on Technology investments

Thanks to Olabi, Myntra direct sellers have been able to continue their successful journey with ease.

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