Enhancing Retail Sales through Olabi’s Endless Aisle

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Rajat Khurana

MD, Asics India

“Our Association with Olabi has been great and their Endless Aisle feature has been a game changer for us. It has delivered a superior consumer shopping experience where no customer leaves without buying what they desire. It has become an important tool for us, which has delivered good improvements in Sales.”

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Background & Challenges:

Like every other well-established sports and lifestyle brands, we at ASICS also faced challenges meeting diverse customer demands due to limited in-store inventory. We were experiencing a notable loss in sales, primarily due to customers being unable to find their desired size or colour in-store.

Customers, although interested in the products, often left the stores empty-handed, contributing to a drop in sales and a potential erosion of the loyal customer base. We realised this challenge and recognized the need for a solution that could expand product visibility and availability without increasing physical retail space or additional inventory at each store.


We implemented and enabled Endless Aisle feature from Olabi Technology Platform. This feature allowed customers to access an extended range of all products available in all other stores digitally in real time.

With Endless Aisle enablement, we could offer customers who were previously unable to find their desired product in a right size or a colour or from a specific product collection, and allow them to purchase irrespective of physical availability at a particular store where they have walked in. In-store staff could instantly check if the requested item was in stock at another location and ensured that the chosen product gets delivered directly to their doorstep.

Additionally, Olabi is seamlessly integrated with logistics and delivery partner, offering a comprehensive order tracking setup to enhance communication with customers by providing real-time updates on their orders.

Entire process is seamless from Consumer and Store Staff’s perspective, which ensured quick adoption and desired results.

Olabi’s Approach and Implementation:

Olabi team conducted a comprehensive assessment of our franchisee based retail network and structured a tailored implementation plan to enable Endless Aisle feature for us. It required specific set ups for Franchisee specific Order Fulfilment Networks (OFNs) with Pin-code logic & specific prioritisation etc. based on choice and decision made by ASICS.

Olabi’s Customer Success Team worked alongside our retail team and ensured required Store SOPs are in place and detailed training is provided to all sales staff.

Olabi also established a dedicated support framework to address and resolve any forthcoming issues promptly, ensuring continuous, smooth operations and maintaining high service standards.

Results and Benefits:

Enablement of Endless Aisle feature along with overall efforts put together by both our and Olabi team has delivered desired results with measurable benefits.

> Increased Sales: The endless aisle feature led to a “significant & measurable” increase in sales, as customers had an access to a more extensive product range.

> Increased Sell Thru’s: We were able to improve overall sell thru’s by ensuring that product availability was consistent across the network with real time single view of inventory.

> Improved Gross Margins: Increased sell thru’s have directly improved overall Gross margins as well. left over stock at the end of the season reduced to same extent that of incremental sales and hence pressure of high discounting has also reduced.

> Improved Customer Experience: Shoppers enjoyed the convenience of exploring a wider range of products in-store, improving overall satisfaction.

> Efficient Inventory Management: The platform provided real-time inventory insights, reducing overstocking issues.

> Data-Driven Insights: The brand gained valuable insights into customer preferences, aiding in more effective product assortment curation and marketing strategies.

> Employee Empowerment: The sales staff felt more empowered and highly motivated, as they could record higher sales and higher conversion, irrespective of non-availability of product in-store.


Implementing Olabi’s Endless Aisle feature, with its extended POS functionality, transformed our brand’s retail approach. This seamless technology platform not only expanded the product offering to customers but also streamlined operations and enhanced the customer experience, proving to be a pivotal tool in the brand’s growth and adaptation to market changes.

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